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terrasil Eczema and Psoriasis System
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terrasil® Eczema & Psoriasis is an over the counter eczema treatment that makes the everyday management of Eczema or Psoriasis simple and worry-free with an all-in-one system.

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  • Thank you for this product. I was so unbelievably uncomfortable tonight due to an eczema flare up and this REALLY helped. Bless you fine people! Sweet relief!
    Scarlett Maria Meyer | 10/17/16
  • Love, love, love the products I have purchased from Aidance.
    BRENDA | 12/2/2013
  • I've been using the daily product for the past few weeks on my very itchy eczema.
    I do think it has a calming effect on it. It goes on really smoothly.
    BJ ROBINS | 9/12/2016

  • CRYSTAL HARRIS | 10/11/2016
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Eczema and Psoriasis System Includes 2 Tubes

A Complete Care System

With everything you need to stay a step ahead of eczema or psoriasis, Terrasil, with medicinal Thuja and Comfrey, uses the finest natural ingredients in combination with our patented Activated Minerals® for a uniquely effective therapeutic solution. Using deep moisturizing ingredients and a formula that soothes intense itching and calms inflammation, Terrasil can help you take back your life from recurring outbreaks, all without steroids or harsh acid treatments.

What are Eczema & Psoriasis?

Eczema and psoriasis are similar skin conditions that cause rashes to appear on many different parts of the body, often accompanied by an intense itch. These two skin conditions are thought to be the result of an autoimmune response to an environmental trigger, and are believed to be genetically influenced. Though no cure currently exists for either condition, long-term management and prevention of outbreaks are the most common methods of eczema treatment and psoriasis treatment.

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Baby Suffering with Eczema

Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis 2-Tube System is intended to treat and manage the symptoms associated with these conditions. It can be used to care for sensitive skin and provide relief for skin that has been irritated and inflamed for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis. For ongoing skin conditions, please consult your physician for a complete diagnosis.

For more information on eczema or psoriasis, managing symptoms and related itch, rash and pain, see our About Eczema and Psoriasis page. To learn more about our Eczema and Psoriasis 2-Tube System, ingredients and customer feedback, see our Product Info page.

By relieving dryness, calming inflammation, and soothing itch, our Triple Action Formula is the best eczema treatment, and your first choice for eczema & psoriasis relief.

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