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Our Story

We’ve helped our customers deal with the daily challenges of eczema and psoriasis for years. It began with two different solutions to two all-too-common skin problems: Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief Ointment, a powerful anti-itch formula that combats itching and irritation from tough eczema and other common dry skin conditions, and Terrasil Psoriasis Therapy, a salicylic acid-based ointment made specifically for psoriasis.

For those with eczema, triggers can be everywhere, so it’s best to stick to pure and natural products instead of those that can worsen symptoms. With psoriasis, using salicylic acid, while a tried-and-true keratolytic (or peeling agent), can cause further skin irritation. Plus, if you’ve got sensitive skin, then finding a skincare product that’s just right for you can be an exercise in futility.

Our customers understand that better than anyone, which is why we looked at years of feedback about what works, and what to avoid, when dealing with eczema & psoriasis.

So what works? Mild, natural active ingredients and deep-moisturizing essential oils and butters that soothe and keep skin hydrated. Our ​Activated Minerals® blend of Silver Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, and Zinc Oxide is a popular addition among our customers, because of it's unique skin-conditioning properties. Aiding in skin restoration, allowing for faster delivery of active ingredients, and protecting skin are just some of the ways that Activated Minerals benefit those with eczema or psoriasis.

What should we avoid? Parabens, fragrances, and artificial preservatives that can trigger symptoms and irritation. Many of our customers reported that acid treatments tend to be harsh on especially sensitive skin, and steroids, while effective, can be dangerous, so we've opted out of both.

Learning From You, Our Customers

Taking what we learned in years of crucial feedback, we developed a system that fights the symptoms of both eczema and psoriasis - scaly dry skin, itching, redness and irritation - with an all-natural formula that's gentle enough for sensitive skin. That’s how our Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis 2-Tube System was born.

We chose Thuja Occidentalis, a natural extract from white cedar trees, for its outstanding ability to calm itch and irritation while supporting overall skin health, and Comfrey, which has long been used to relieve skin inflammation. These powerful active ingredients work together to fight eczema and psoriasis symptoms and restore skin to its natural, healthy state.

Perhaps more important than what’s included, is what’s not. You won’t find any irritating acids, steroids, or unnecessary chemicals. It’s part of our promise to you, that you’ll never find anything more than you need in Terrasil products, even if your skin is particularly sensitive.

A Unique Solution

A crucial factor we took into consideration is how symptoms can vary from day to day. Many customers felt that using a strong ointment was wasteful for everyday skincare and needed something lighter for daily use. Of course, when particularly bad flare-ups would happen, they wanted to know that there was powerful, fast relief within arm’s reach.

That’s why we settled on a system of two products united under one name, in one box; A lighter, Daily Care Cream that comes in a larger quantity for everyday moisturization that keeps itchy, red skin at bay with regular usage, paired with a Severe Outbreak Ointment for stronger relief when symptoms are at their worst.

Now Available at CVS

CVS StoreThe Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis 2-Tube System was designed for convenience, which includes how it gets into your hands. Like our other products, it’s available through our websites and on Amazon.com. But sometimes you need immediate relief, which is why we’re especially proud to say that our Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis 2-Tube System is available in a number of CVS retail locations nationwide.
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Take back control over your eczema or psoriasis with a gentle, yet powerful formula, crafted from the feedback of customers just like you. With the finest natural ingredients, combined with the latest in science, you can trust your skin to Terrasil.

Thank you for this product.

I was so unbelievably uncomfortable tonight due to an eczema flare up and this REALLY helped. Bless you fine people! Sweet relief!

Scarlett Maria Meyer | 10/17/16
Terrasil- Wish It Was Stocked At My CVS In VA

I've been using the daily product for the past few weeks on my very itchy eczema.
I do think it has a calming effect on it. It goes on really smoothly.

BJ Robins | 9/12/2016

Past Reviews and Success Stories*
We took feedback like this from two existing products to make Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis.

Reviews for Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief Ointment

It was love at first application. What a wonderful tremendous product.

Del | 7/13/2015

after five days it seemed gone

Darren Bohnet | 6/29/2015

I couldn't believe how fast it started working, I feel and look better.

cynthia jay | 6/8/2015

It is helping save my skin from steroid cream, but I still need the steroid cream if it gets real bad. It does work sometimes though

Roy Reece | 4/24/2015

I was very pleased with the results I received from this product. After trying many other creams with no result, this one helped a great deal.

Joan Sibbet | 4/2/2015

After years of searching through over-the-counter products and various prescription medications, Terrasil is the best product I have found for temporary relief.

Gene | 2/23/2015

I've tried every product on the market. Nothing stopped the intense itching. This product worked the very first time I used it. I am so glad I have found this product. Now I can finally get on with my life.

Katie | 1/14/2015

This product is amazing! My daughter has eczema and we were at our wits end when we came across Terrasil. Her eczema has been gone since we started using Terrasil and at her recent checkup, her doctor was amazed at how great our daughter's skin was. Hopefully she will spread the word to other patients that are dealing with eczema.

Kristen Durling | 1/9/2015

I'm just about through with my first jar of this product and can't seem to make up my mind whether to buy another one. It certainly didn't hurt, and I'm confident the ingredients are safe and healthful and I love that there's no fragrance. But I'm not sure how much it really helped, either. The results seem about the same as the cortisone ointment I was prescribed, which also didn't really resolve the problem. I would recommend people try this product for themselves and make up their own minds. For me, the jury is still out.

Julie | 11/24/2014

This started working right away! I also received this product really fast. I love this cream and would buy again if needed! I have already told several friends about Terrasil, and a lot of people notice the redness and rash just disappearing away from my first use.

Tasha | 11/20/2014

I like the product because it helps with itching and discomfort. But I do not like the packaging. Because of the design of the plastic container holding the product, it makes you think there's much more product in the jar than there really is.

Susan Jones | 10/21/2014

I have struggled with Prurigo nodularis to 30 years and have tried many different prescription and non prescription products. Of all of them this product is the best by far. The cream has given me effective itch relief and my skin is improving each day.

Tom Rohe | 9/29/2014

Had this itchy rash, that I get from time to time. This cream cleared it right up. I highly recommend it for this condition. Had tried other products that really didn't make a dent in the problem. This stuff is great!

Karen B. | 9/16/2014

this is THE most, best results in 2 years of every product on the market! Thank You!!!

Sara Gavin | 9/15/2014

My husband had a rash he couldn't get rid of. He tried your Terrasil Itch, Rash and Pain Relief cream and in a few days it was cleared up. Thank you so much for offering such great and effective products!

Kelli Beaucage | 9/9/2014

its worked a treat I will be getting some more to have on hand I would recommend it to any one.

Harvey Smith | 9/5/2014

I have used Terrasil for many years now. It works for me and it works quickly. Even though the product is pricey, it last a long time. I highly recommend.

Nancy | 8/11/2014

After trying many products , including prescriptions, I ordered cream for shingle treatment from your company. OVERNIGHT....the itching and red, burned skin, cracked rash faded away by the second use itching and rash were gone. This product is in a word amazing!!!! Thank you so much.

Pat Maiorino | 4/3/2014

I suffer from severe eczema, I have searched for natural products that actually work. The search is over to my surprise the products really work, all for a great price. Try for yourself,after all what do you have to lose....it's all natural it can't hurt you

Dr Hair Tips | 12/4/2013

Love, love, love the products I have purchased from AidanceProducts.com.

Brenda | 12/2/2013

loved this product to death, help relieve the discomfort of my issues...thanks again for creating such a helpful product...I will be ordering again soon.

Cassaunder | 5/24/2013

Hi the product was good, but the jar was to small,it was not enough to last for at lease thirty days so ,i can y actually see the results other than that for as itching it done well for as the spots ,I don't know.

Sharon Thomas | 5/7/2013

I have a rash next to my eye that started a couple weeks ago. I decided to try Terrasil Itch, Rash, Pain, and with just one application it has already decreased in size and redness!!! Go Terrasil!!!!

Jenn | 4/4/2013

I'm having some relief, everyday it's getting better....thanks!

Debra S. | 2/19/2013

It works wonders, I'm so thankful!! My facial eczema was so severe I couldn't help the nonstop itching. My forehead and face were red and puffy and it was embarrassing. I applied Itch, Rash and Pain Relief in the afternoon, and again at bedtime, and woke up today with my skin looking and feeling a lot less irritated. I expect the symptoms to be completely gone by tomorrow. My skin is extremely sensitive, especially on the face, but this left it feeling restored and moisturized. Thank you!!

Kate | 11/15/2012

Reviews for Terrasil Psoriasis Therapy

I would definitely recommend Terrasil Psoriasis Therapy. Although it didn't erase the embarrassing rash, it did relieve the painful itching temporarily, allowing a good night's sleep. Welcome relief, thank you.

Barbara J. Krout| 6/15/2016

It worked very good

James| 9/2/2015

It did not work as I expected. It is too moist for the are I am applying it is moist also and I sweat terribly. So the combination makes me feel more uncomfortable for the minimal benefits am receiving. I thank you because the product is good, it just don't work for me.

Rosa Craballo| 8/17/2015

Excellent product ... Cleared up in 3 days

John Flattery | 5/26/2015

this product was for my nephew and it worked great for a while but then stopped

gladys waggoner | 5/4/2015

This was a reorder. I love this product because it works!

Beth | 5/4/2015

Great, worked in 2 applications. Recommended highly.

a bartholomew | 4/20/2015

I give this a 4 ONLY because it's so "greasy." But I suspect that's necessary. When the itch starts, and I realize it's an unhappy spot, I put the Terrasil on...and I'm 48 hours later, for instance, this time, and haven't had another problem. Psoriasis is not curable, but Terrasil makes it quickly manageable, and I LOVE that.

Carol Gray | 4/2/2015

This product is clearing up my psoriasis and is yet so gentle on my skin. Excellent.

Sabina Frank | 4/2/2015

Yes it does help but since it is winter I can hold off for awhile on elbows and knees. It has been pretty mild lately but I really like your product!

Ruth Swanson | 12/29/2014

I am on my second order of Aidance and am very happy with the results. Had several dry itchy spots on my face and used it everyday before putting on my makeup and the spots have improved by 90%. It really works well.

Carol | 11/24/2014

Too soon to know how much the formulation will work in my situation, however, I do notice some relief.

Michael DeLuca | 11/18/2014

Psoriasis therapy is better than most. I find it a good treatment.

Anthony Eusanio | 10/27/2014

It dried out my skin, which wasn't a bad thing. This product helped the inflammation of the psoriasis scales that I have. The only reason I give it a 4 is because of the size of the jar. The price was good, but I wish you offered a bigger size.

Troy | 10/20/2014

I bought this product from you for my brother-in-law for his birthday who had a severe case of psoriasis affecting his hands. His prior products were not helping in that they did not heal or totally relieve this horrible pain. After using your product continuously for one month - his left hand is totally healed and pain free - his right hand is on the mend and hopefully healed very soon. He is one happy camper now and loves this product.

Elaine | 9/22/2014

My skin is completely clear. This is an amazing product. 100% skin clear I love it.

Diana | 9/15/2014

IT WORKS!!! The only complaint is the color and staining factors of this product.

Richard Snyder | 9/12/2014

For a couple of years, I had a few patches of severe psoriasis. Tried Terrasil and within a couple of days, the flaking, soreness and redness were showing fantastic improvement. Good products that really do what they profess to do are few today, but this one follows through! Can't say enough good about this product! You won't regret trying it!

Anthony K. | 12/1/2013

For the past several years, I have been using Terrasil for itchy, scaly skin with remarkable success. Whenever an outbreak emerges, I apply Terrasil twice a day, and within a few days it is completely gone.

Sylvia C.| 7/14/2013

I have found so much relief in this product. I suffered from psoriasis for numerous years & now my skin is back to normal after using this product.I recommend this product to any one who is suffering with a skin condition. Just try it and you will be very pleased.

Susie E. | 4/12/2013

has helped my husband with psoriasis

Anonymous | 4/1/2013

1 week in the psoriasis ointment seems to be working but no cure yet, have ordered another 3 jars just to check

Anonymous | 4/4/2013

I have had a problem with my scalp for 10 years. I have patched of hair and have been to several doctors with many different diagnoses and the only thing that is making it better is aidance product and hair slowly coming back. The product has helped remove what seems like dead skin and hair is underneath.

Anonymous | 4/4/2013

I suffered with dry scaly patches on my face for a number of years which at times would be quite red and very noticeable. I tried everything from moisturizers to antiseptic ointments and even had a lotion from the doctors which only made matters worse. Then I came across Terrasil one day and decided to give it a try. Having used Terrasil for 2 days I no longer have any dry patches on my face and have to say it is an amazing product and well worth the cost. I have recommended your product to friends and family for various conditions and would definitely buy more if the need was there.

Anonymous | 8/12/2013

I really can't believe the difference in my leg since I have been using Terrasil. I went to a dermatologist and he did absolutely nothing to help me- just prescribed something that did not work. I was really desperate; my shin looked horrible and itched terribly. After using Terrasil for one week I noticed a big big difference. Thank you very much! I will tell everybody I know about your product. Thank you very much.

Paula | 11/21/2012

Where do these reviews come from?

The reviews above are taken from two of our existing products; Terrasil Itch, Rash & Pain Relief Ointment, which is used to treat the symptoms of and manage eczema, and Terrasil Psoriasis Therapy, which is a keratolic ointment that uses salicylic acid for psoriasis relief.

These reviews are not reflective of the effectiveness of Terrasil Eczema & Psoriasis. We're excited for you to try our new product, which we believe provides a more efficient and soothing solution.

If you've tried it and would like to leave us a review, please use our Product Review Form or email us at info @ aidance.com!

What customers are saying about Aidance

I have to share that I had a small problem with packaging, so I contacted customer service by email. A gentleman named Mark answered back almost immediately and very quickly resolved my issue beyond my expectations! Not only do they have a great product, but great customer service as well! A++ on both counts! Couldn't recommend this product or this company more highly!

Bryan| 6/28/2016

I would love to be a spokesperson for your company !

Melanie Griswold | 10/30/2014

I think I may have ordered the wrong product but Aidance was very helpful and are sending me the product I need. They only require that I return the unused portion.

Jerry Knight | 10/8/2014

great product, great customer service

Olumoroti Abiola | 10/6/2014

AMAZING PRODUCTS, HIGH CLASS, i highly recommend any of these products to anyone, Thank you so much

Jerome | 3/1/2013

On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give Terrasil Products a 5, because their products really work! I have found the answer to all of my skin problems, Great products!

Laroma | 10/30/2012

*Please note, results may vary from person to person. The reviews above represent the subjective experience of real customers and are not reflective of the views of, or claims made by, Aidance. Results cannot be guaranteed.

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